Workshop Caligrafía con Pincel CDMX

At the end of 2018 I taught my first calligraphy workshops in México City. After 4 years learning calligraphy under the instruction of people who I respect and admire so much (Keith Adams, Amanda Adams, Oriol Miró, Ivan Castro), this was a really big step for me, and I am happy and proud to have had this amazing first experience teaching and sharing with people interested in learning this beautiful craft that means so much to me.

These were initiation workshops where we start by learning the difference between calligraphy, lettering and typography.
We learned the historical context of italic calligraphy, we saw historical and contemporary examples of this style, and we talked about the different materials that can be used in calligraphy.
Then we moved to understand the fundamental structure of the letters, in order to be able to draw letters with a brush based on Italic Calligraphy. 

Thank you to my very first students for trusting on me, and to the organizers of these workshops, this will be the beginning of much more, I’ll be posting more upcoming workshops very soon. ❤

Workshop Caligrafía con Pincel Queretaro

La Jabonera, Querétaro, noviembre 2018.

Organizado por Dvctus.

Workshop Caligrafía con Pincel Xalapa

Xalapa Veracruz, noviembre 2018.

Organizado por Lapis.